NEW Hemp Wolf Cannabinoid Vape Pen, intro price of $60! Value $75

NEW Hemp Wolf Cannabinoid Vape Pen, intro price of $60! Value $75

$75.00 $60.00

Shipping Included 

  • Pre-filled 300mg Cannabinoid oil in 1ml cartridge, one of largest cartridges sold!
  • All natural, pesticide free and CO2 derived Cannabinoid oils.
  • Magnificent Blue Dream flavor terpenes. Legal to consume. No nicotine.
  • 100% Hemp farmed and sourced in Colorado.
  • 1 year warranty, includes 1ml Cannabinoid cartridge pre-filled, USB rechargeable
      battery vape pen, USB charger and case.
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Legal to consume. 100% Pure Cannabinoid oil, 1 ml cartridge, twice as much as most others.
All natural, pesticide free, farmed sourced with the strain of Blue Dream Terpenes, 300mg.
And includes USB charger and a 1 year warranty on the best vape pen in the marketplace.
Be the first the own one. Refill cartridges available too.


– 5 clicks = turn on, 5 clicks = turn off
– 2 clicks = preheat function (15 second preheat @1.8v)
– 3 clicks = change voltage heat settings
Green: LOW – 2.7 volts
Blue: MEDIUM – 3.1 volt
Red: HIGH – 3.6 volt
– When the pen needs to be charged, the light will flash a few times. Then pen will vape on a very low setting until full charged.
– Charging light will be red while charging. Light will turn green when fully charged.
– This battery charges very quickly

Additional information

Tintures 100 mg/1 oz.

Mango, Cinnamon, Tangerine

Tintures Mango 100 mg/1 oz.

Mango 300 mg/2 oz.

Tintures Cinnamon 100 mg/1 oz.

Cinnamon 100 mg/1 oz.

Tintures Tangerine 100 mg/1 oz.

Tangerine 100 mg/1 oz.